Hello, I'm Yesim

...your intercultural trainer and coach.

In an increasingly globalized world, intercultural competence is the key to success for companies, teams and individuals. Even if our similarities usually prevail, cultural differences can in some situations lead to mutual misunderstandings and personal conflicts.

My mission is to build bridges between cultures and promote understanding for the diversity of the global business world. As an experienced intercultural trainer and coach, I am at your side to strengthen your intercultural sensitivity and develop your skills in dealing with different cultures.

In this way you can fully exploit the potential of diversity in multicultural teams.


You ask yourself:

“How can I improve my current situation in an international company? What is the right path for my professional or personal development?”

Let's identify your needs together and choose the right approach.

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Intercultural Coaching

Based on your professional or personal strengths and goals, with my support you can explore new perspectives and consciously shape your own intercultural development.

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Intercultural Training

Do you lead teams with international experts or are you one of these experts? Then you certainly know the value of cultural diversity and intercultural competency as an economic factor.

As an intercultural trainer, I stand by your side to take these values to the next level.

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Keynote speaker

For events, conferences and meetings

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"Diversity is our strength, tolerance our capital and intercultural understanding our goal."

Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations